About the NY Agency

Here is an Update on the progress of our agency over the past Year. It’s has been a whirlwind, but we are proud to announce a few wins that we worked our collective tails off for.

AMP3 Public Relations has just been awarded the Top Ranking Award of “Communicator of the Year” by the PR Couture Bespoke Communication Awards. This adds to the recent 86% growth Year over Year as reported by O’Dwyer Ranking. This currently lands the Best Ranked company in the Top 15 Fashion PR Agencies Rankings.

Our hopes for 2017 are to continue delivering stellar results for our companies, as well as expand our services to more of the leading Fashion, Lifestyle and Tech brands over the next 12 months. There is a considerable amount of our own personal financial and time based investment that has been infused into the company to make sure that as we grow, we continue to increase the results our clients have come to expect. Be it Coverage, Influencer Partnerships, Editorial by some of the biggest names out there (New York Times, Vogue, Elle,) or by a slew of strategically placed high ranked targeted niche publications. (For example Trades and Industry Specific Publications).

We wish to thank our staff and clients for allowing us to continue our healthy climb as we begin to nibble on the heals of some of the oldest names in the NYFW (New York Fashion Week) PR Arena.

Like Frank Sinatra said, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”


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