What’s New at Camp Dion? New Music, Free Grooveshark Promo, and Tacos.

Just a quick recap –

1. West Coast Tour – July 15thish (LA, San Diego, San Fran, Phoenix”) w/ Josiah Leming & Dion Roy

2. Get yourself a Grooveshark Anywhere Promo Code for 3 free months of service at –>  Grooveshark Promo Code

3. South/East Coast Mini Tour – August 4th-August 15th – Details TBA, July 29th in Trumbull CT as part of the Block Party. –> http://facebook.com/dionroymusic 

4. “Today” Cover (Smashing Pumpkins) now on iTunes

5. New Album Dion Roy “Welcome Home” (Featuring Josiah Leming & Tyler Hilton)now on iTunes


I’m in a Grooveshark state of mind.. aka Sharkfaced.

Grooveshark SXSW 2011 Sessions Austin TexasMy good friends over at Grooveshark have just posted a new Dion Roy track called “Ocean”from the 2011 SXSW sessions that we recorded on a converted Tour bus. The rest of the album “Welcome Home”is available on iTunes

Here is a link to the track:

and here is a link to the live video: http://vimeo.com/23284766

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