So you want to be on the new “Dion Roy” Album? Here’s your chance – Deadline Monday Jan 31st 4PM EST

So you want to be on the new “Dion Roy” Album? Here’s your chance – Deadline Monday Jan 31st 4PM EST
Hey guys – as I have been working on this new CD, due for April 2nd, many of you have asked to be involved in any way you can, and I woke up this morning and thought of a great idea. Or at least I think so, and I rule. 🙂
One of the new songs we are working on here in Santa Monica has some room for a few claps, dings, bangs, snaps – heck anything that sounds cool.
The best “claps/dings” from the fans are going on the album. There’s room for a few of them, maybe all, but  the ones that make it onto the album will be announced to all the Dion Roy fans.
Keep in mind it can be anything, really, and the funnier stranger it is the better. Anything you get on your flip video, or microphone right on your mac will work just fine.  Even the recorder on your iPhone/Phone will be fine. Just get creative and show me what you have got!

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Post a Video, Audio file, or Youtube link (preferred) of yourself and your awesome sound effect on over the next couple days.
  2. Send a Tweet or Facebook Post to @DionRoy with the Hash Tag #IAmOnDionRoysAlbum and a link to included within your post
  3. Email and let my team know you posted it!

Here is an example!


1. Be Creative, but certainly don’t worry about making it professional. Your Flip or iPhone is perfect for this.

2. Once you enter  you agree that I can use the sound recording  however I want, anywhere, anytime anyplace and there will be no compensation for this ever. Sorry. 🙂

3. Don’t Hurt Anyone doing it, or damage anything.

4. The Deadline is Jan 31st 4PM

Time is of the essence, Send em soon! Can’t wait for you guys to hear (and be included) on this New CD!

The new CD will be out Saturday April 2nd and the Release will be at Dominion in NYC for tickets!


Put down that drink! A quick message, just in time for 2011.

Hey ya’ll!

I just wanted to take a second and say a quick Happy New Year’s to all of you guys.
It’s been quite a year. Singapore, Howard Stern, ABC/FOX Morning shows, National tours, Lots of TV placements, Charting on iTunes and of course – lots of craziness along the way. Thank you so much for all your support this year, so many of you have been so great about spreading the word- and because of that it’s going to be an awesome 2011.

Im wasting no time, and will be recording in Santa Monica beginning January 16th – so there should be another CD ready for the spring of 2011! With your help maybe we can beat 2010’s #8 and hit #1 on the iTunes chart this year!

I do value what you guys have to say, and I want to hear from you – I do check e-mail quite often, and I’d love to hear from you guys – just reply to , or say hi on Facebook!

Much love, and happy new year.

– Dion // //

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