I’m Back From My Summer Tour!

Back in NYC at last for some much needed R & R after criss-crossing the Eastern Seaboard all the way down to Tennessee, where rock & roll took it’s shape and the blues was born!  This experience has been nothing short of amazing (but also exhausting).  I had a blast playing in a different city each night and getting the chance to meet and chat with fans from all of over the country.  Touring with Josiah Leming and Todd Carey was also a major highlight, such great guys and incredible performers, it was a true honor.

I have to say, so many fans came out to support this tour, one packed house after another, it was amazing to see so many excited people in the crowd.  To everyone who made it out to a show, thank you for coming, I’m so glad I got to share the experience with you.  To those that weren’t able to make it out to a show on this tour, that’s ok, hopefully there will be more U.S. tour dates to come (wink, wink)!

In other exciting news, I’ll be heading across the Atlantic for 6 tour dates in Singapore starting September 21st and running until September 26th.   I’ll be playing at the soon to be legendary TAB music complex, the Bowery Ballroom of the East.  Playing host to both established international artists as well as local talent, TAB is the first live music venue of its kind in Singapore and possibly all of South East Asia.  This is sure to be another incredible experience, and I’ll make sure to keep you all posted!

In the mean time, check out the videos & photos below from the summer tour, I wanted to share my favorites from each city with you.


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