Dion Roy on WDHA FM 105.5 with Host DJ Lindsay Klein

Big thanks to the folks at WDHA 105.5FM and especially Lindsay Klein for playing “Wants It” and announcing the EP Release party scheduled for June 23rd at The Living Room. You can take a listen to the clip via youtube or via the Audio clips below! Lindsay is amazing. Enjoy looking at pics of her in the video below!
Dion Roy WHDA Segment with Music

WDHA Segment without Music


The LOST Series Finale

Hello all!

I rarely take time to blog about TV, but in the case of the “monster” Series Finale – Im going to make an exception. I was quite emotional about the series finale of LOST, and I would love to hear what you guys thought, as well as to get your vote, I think its going to be interesting to hear what you guys have to say. See you guys at the NYC “The Nearest Light” EP Release at the Living Room  on Ludlow Street Wed June 23rd.

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