Dion Roy Upcoming Shows+ New Music!

  • April 23, 2010-7PMNYC Concert Cruise- “We’re on a boat”
  • May 3, 2010-TBA- Howard Stern Radio Show
  • June 4th, 2010-9PM – Hanafins New london,CT
  • June 5th, 2010– 9PM- Copperfield’s – Skope Live
  • NYC EP Release Party – June 2010. Details TBA

Also, Dion Roy just released a brand new song! “The first track off the upcoming EP “The Nearest Light” is available for streaming and pre-purchase at http://dionroy.com/thewave exclusively!”


Dion Roy Featured In Event Solutions Magazine!

From the review in Event Solutions Magazine: “ With numerous tours and television appearances under his belt, Roy is an up-and-coming musician who can get your audience singing along to songs they’ve never heard before. He brings a light, acoustic sound that will fulfill your need for entertainment and ambiance at the same time.”

Dion Roy

Ten Gossip.com Features Dion Roy

Ten Gossip.com featured Dion Roy as he was getting ready to hit SXSW to perform at the Music Tech Mashup showcase on March 17th, 2010. Writer Taylor Blue and Dion discussed everything ranging from his musical influences, to how he composes his music.

Dion Roy

Dion Roy Featured in Mann About Town Magazine!

Mann About Town Magazine, in the “Talk of The Town” section written by Shayna Halper. Dion discusses opening for Ryan Cabrera at Highline ballroom, enjoying being on stage performing, feeling free to be a full-time musician, and much more!

Mann About town Magazine

Dion Roy

BackSeatCuddler.com Features Dion Roy!

Back Seat Cuddler.com introduces hot new artist Dion Roy as he presents his latest single the “Nearest Light”. The author of the post, Jennifer G confesses being a huge fan of his music, especially his first single “The Wave” which she considers is “only the tip of the iceberg”.

Dion Roy

Top 10 SXSW tips

This was my first year at SXSW, and before I get all the videos and pics up from my performance and interviews, I wanted to get this list up before I forgot everything. -Dion 

Top 10 SXSW Tips.

Tip #1 – Star Seeds has the best breakfast Taco in Austin.
Tip #2 – Pizza in Austin is Atrocious. Stay away.
Tip #3- Get your schedule done, and RSVP early! Print out every RSVP so you know wha the hell you are doing when you are too uncoordinated to google an address on your phone. 
Tip #4 – Cabs are almost impossible to get, so if you do need one, you need to walk above 11th Street to beat out the hordes of people trying to get yours! At the best of times its a 30 minute wait. Over an hour at the end of the night.
Tip #5 – Most of the action is on 6th Street, but not all of it. Some of the lesser known venues have the BEST acts and are the most fun.
Tip #6 – Bring a map of the city, you will need it. Ask your hotel if you need one.
Tip #7 – The SXSW laminates are a fortune, but they don’t get you into everyshow, most of the bigger shows will require a paid ticket – so if its a big band you can see at home, then it might make more sense to see them there. You will get some preferential treatment, but they certainly are not a requirement.
Tip #8 – Bring lots of WATER with you, all that day-time drinkin and bright sunlight can wear ya out before you get to all of the shows you want to get too
Tip #9 – Write down the bands you like, otherwise you will forget later. You don’t want to carry around 100 cd’s with you, so from what I saw this is the best way to remeber who you want to check out.
Tip #10 – There are a few “Unofficial Show listings” floating around the internet, ask your techie friends if they have one. They really have a lot of great shows and events, and yes, free tacos everywhere.

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