Videos and pictures galore from the road

Connecticut has been a very kind state to me this year. The past two weekends, I spent my time up there performing some shows and despite the cold weather, it was a good time! Below, I’ve posted all the TV performances and interviews, as well as some pics from our gigs, so you can feel like you got to attend our show even if you didn’t have the chance to. Don’t you just love the age of the Internet?

So, my first TV appearance in Connecticut was on FOX 61 on Friday, January 29th. Everyone in the studio was super warm and welcoming and I had a great time there. Luckily, I have videos of my appearance for all those who don’t live in CT! Check it out…

Here’s the performance:

And here’s my on-air interview:

The following night, I went on to play at Up or On the Rocks (with the ever-so-awesome, Addison Station), which was also in Hartford. It was a sick venue! Great space to play in, and I’m definitely pumped that we will be playing there again on Saturday, March 27th.

I guess you could say I loved Connecticut so much (or maybe state loved me? Eh? No takers?), that I returned back to the state the following weekend for a performance on ABC 8’s “Good Morning Connecticut Weekend” on Saturday, February 6 in New Haven. And it was once again, an awesome experience. Have no fear if you missed that because I also have the video of the appearance right below:

Later that night, we performed at Hanafins in New London, which is always fun. Stay tuned for some pictures…

I’m back in NYC/NJ for a few weeks now, which is a nice thing because I can take a breather! The next show is on February 19th in Garwood, NJ at Crossroads, so if you’re in the area, come by and celebrate my birthday!

Until next time…peace, love, and tacos,



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  1. Wow … How did I miss this?? Just signed up for email alerts. Thank you for sharing the pictures & videos, I’m loving them! I look forward to seeing you in Connecticut in 35 days… But whose counting lol. Keep on rocking… ~t 😉

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