Who does a better job on “Yellow” – Beeker or Coldplay’s Chris Martin?

Watch the video, and then VOTE. Im taking votes until Halloween. Thanks for comin by! – Dion

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Updates from the MegaBus.

Its been awhile since I updated, so I figured while Im stuck ont he Megabus from Boston to NYC for the next 6 hours, this is as good as time as any to write an update.


As some of you know its only been a few months since “Gallery” came out, but even while I was finishing up that album, I had been working on a few new songs, and had even been performing some of them on the road and at local shows. ¬†Moral of the story is the new To be named EP is going to include 5 -6 brand new songs and a special acoustic version of “Wants It”. “Wants It” was voted (see below” as the chosen acoustic track for the new ep, and I must give a big thanks to you who voted.

THe EP isn’t ready but Heres a Video we made while recording drums to tide you over til dinner-time!! Special thanks to Pete for the footage! More videos at http://dionroy.com and don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list for more goodies.

The new EP is going to have one song off of “Gallery” redone acoustically! Which one should it be? Help we cant decide! Pick ur top 2!

You can listen to all the songs for free at http://dionroy.com/music or on iTunes

the winning song will be chosen in about a week!

more info here

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