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30 08 2009
Dion Roy iLike App for the iPhone Now Available on iTunes!!! « dion roys all things music blog.

[…] App for the iPhone Now Available on iTunes!!! 30 08 2009 What a great day!!! Not only did my song “Blind World” reach the number 1 spot on HypeM’s Twitter Music Charts, but my very own iPhone app just hit the iTunes store!!! Click here to check it out/buy: […]

30 08 2009

You are so badass that it actually hurts me. It’s a good kinda pain though, like a tattoo…

Dion, I am so fucking proud of you, seriously!! Thanks for the screencap, it’s TOTES saved now!!!

Next stop?! THE TOP OF EVERYTHING!!! We took over Twitter, let’s take over space!


PS you owe me a taco.

30 08 2009

I without a doubt owe you more than a taco. Quesadilla perhaps!
Thanks for being on the team now – its means a lot, you should have a title…..chief ____ of fill in the blank-Otherwise you are chief of NAME GIVING!

30 08 2009

Shouldn’t YOU be the chief?! Chief Dion… err… perhaps we should be on a boat. Captain Dion and I’ll be your first mate or whatever. We can put the tacos and the party on the starboard side.

30 08 2009

Ill be Chief of Doing whateva whateva I do what I want (J Lo from South Park)

Im down for a taco party on a boat. maybe that should be my video. just eating mexican food on a boat! i love it. ur pure geeeenius!

31 08 2009
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