Snow Leopard 10.6 Released by Apple Today

snow leopard august 28th

Snow Leopard, also known as MAC OS X 10.6, hit the shelves today, ahead of many expectations. Its been about 2 years since Leopard came out, and gave us Time Machine, Stacks, and Spaces.

How do you make Leopard better? You make it faster! That’s just what Apple did. There are very few real features added, but everything from the Finder, to Quicktime has been written in Apples new 64 Bit Cocoa language. What does 64-Bit mean? It means instead of a 4GB limitation on software accessing memory – its now 16 EXABytes! Boo ya!

64 bitAlso new is the Grand Central Dispatcher – Which allows single treaded (1 CPU aware software) to be able to take advantage of multiple cores. This translates into SPEED! (all 4 or 8 on the Intel side)

I have yet to install this new version but from what Ive heard its amazing. Bummer for those of you on G5 – No Snow Leopard for you! 10.6 is Intel only bub! This comes shortly after the release of Logic 9 – Looks like the boys in Cupertino have been busy.

Ill be using Snow Leopard while I work on the new Dion Roy album (itunes) using Logic 9 and Snow Leopard! BTW IM giving away one of Apples other products its called an Ipod Nano, you may have heard of it. Enter to WIN here.

UPDATE: Theres always a few bad apps! Heres a list of incompatible applications with snow leopard.

Apps which are moved to the separate folder include:

  • Parallels Desktop, version 2.5 and earlier
  • McAfee VirusScan, version 8.6
  • Norton Anti-Virus ver. 11.0
  • Internet Cleanup 5 ver. 5.0
  • Application Enhancer ver. 2.0.1 + earlier
  • Unsanity
  • AT&T Laptop Connect Card all Versions
  • launch2net ver, 2.13.0
  • iWOW plug-in for iTunes ver. 2.0
  • Missing Sync for Palm Sony CLIE Driver ver. 6.0.4
  • TonerPort UX8 Driver ver. 4.1.0
  • ioHD Driver File ver. 6.0.3
  • Silicon Image SiI3132 Driver Files version

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