These are a few of my favorite things, people, music, places

Ten Things I like for now.I hear from a lot of you, and I realize that I don’t have time to have the conversations I truly want to have, so in an effort to share more (thanks mom) Im going to try and regularly post “My top 10 list of things right now” list. Thats the official name for now, if you have a better name for it COMMENT away peanut GALLERY. If Bill gets a board, why can’t I have my own DionBoard Top 10? These are in no particular order!

    The list

1. Scuba Steve and Diving in general.
2. and Taylor_Blue and WillowRaine
3. Friends from Honduras (You should read and tweet about whats happening Honduras right now)
4. Mexican Food (will definitely be a repeat offender)
5. Rock Band domination with
6. Fleet Foxes – The band, not a fleet of hot girls.
7. Giving Stuff away
8. Traveling to Key West, Howard Beach, and Nantucket and not arranging anything in advance.
9. The GAP because they are giving me free stuff now.
10. Friends from NY who scare me with shark tales, and Faux-Robot Fans from MI


One thought on “These are a few of my favorite things, people, music, places

Add yours

  1. *cough* um… hi?!

    I shared my tacos virtually with you!!! I has your jalepeno friendship ring that I eated!!!!!

    Love you, Dion. 😀


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