Dion Roy iLike App for the iPhone Now Available on iTunes!!!

What a great day!!! Not only did my song “Blind World” reach the number 1 spot on HypeM’s Twitter Music Charts, but my very own iPhone app just hit the iTunes store!!! Click here to check it out/buy: http://bit.ly/di-app -oh, and its apparently got “infrequent mild horror/fear themes” – HAHAHAHA



The Format is no more, but here comes FUN the Band

fun format aim and igniteIf you love the Format as much as I do you will be glad to know that even as they dissolve, Fun arrives. Singer and frontman of the Format Nate Ruess joins Andrew Dost of Anathallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train to form this bizarre rendition.

I can’t say I wont miss the amazing harmonies of Format, as while those in FUNs new album “Aim and Ignite” are pretty cool, they just arent the format. Fun is Fun, but The Format was a force to be reckoned with.

Below is a video taken from my native neighborhood (23rd and 3rd ave NYC). You can now buy the album which was released just a few days ago (Aug 25th 2009) @ http://ournameisfun.com.

See you guys at my Santos Party House gig opening night of MEANY Fest! Get a sample here

FUN Video for “Im not as sad as I used to be”

Snow Leopard 10.6 Released by Apple Today

snow leopard august 28th

Snow Leopard, also known as MAC OS X 10.6, hit the shelves today, ahead of many expectations. Its been about 2 years since Leopard came out, and gave us Time Machine, Stacks, and Spaces.

How do you make Leopard better? You make it faster! That’s just what Apple did. There are very few real features added, but everything from the Finder, to Quicktime has been written in Apples new 64 Bit Cocoa language. What does 64-Bit mean? It means instead of a 4GB limitation on software accessing memory – its now 16 EXABytes! Boo ya!

64 bitAlso new is the Grand Central Dispatcher – Which allows single treaded (1 CPU aware software) to be able to take advantage of multiple cores. This translates into SPEED! (all 4 or 8 on the Intel side)

I have yet to install this new version but from what Ive heard its amazing. Bummer for those of you on G5 – No Snow Leopard for you! 10.6 is Intel only bub! This comes shortly after the release of Logic 9 – Looks like the boys in Cupertino have been busy.

Ill be using Snow Leopard while I work on the new Dion Roy album (itunes) using Logic 9 and Snow Leopard! BTW IM giving away one of Apples other products its called an Ipod Nano, you may have heard of it. Enter to WIN here.

UPDATE: Theres always a few bad apps! Heres a list of incompatible applications with snow leopard.

Apps which are moved to the separate folder include:

  • Parallels Desktop, version 2.5 and earlier
  • McAfee VirusScan, version 8.6
  • Norton Anti-Virus ver. 11.0
  • Internet Cleanup 5 ver. 5.0
  • Application Enhancer ver. 2.0.1 + earlier
  • Unsanity
  • AT&T Laptop Connect Card all Versions
  • launch2net ver, 2.13.0
  • iWOW plug-in for iTunes ver. 2.0
  • Missing Sync for Palm Sony CLIE Driver ver. 6.0.4
  • TonerPort UX8 Driver ver. 4.1.0
  • ioHD Driver File ver. 6.0.3
  • Silicon Image SiI3132 Driver Files version

These are a few of my favorite things, people, music, places

Ten Things I like for now.I hear from a lot of you, and I realize that I don’t have time to have the conversations I truly want to have, so in an effort to share more (thanks mom) Im going to try and regularly post “My top 10 list of things right now” list. Thats the official name for now, if you have a better name for it COMMENT away peanut GALLERY. If Bill gets a board, why can’t I have my own DionBoard Top 10? These are in no particular order!

    The list

1. Scuba Steve and Diving in general.
2. TenGossip.com and Taylor_Blue and WillowRaine
3. Friends from Honduras (You should read and tweet about whats happening Honduras right now)
4. Mexican Food (will definitely be a repeat offender)
5. Rock Band domination with http://twitter.com/tomchau
6. Fleet Foxes – The band, not a fleet of hot girls.
7. Giving Stuff away
8. Traveling to Key West, Howard Beach, and Nantucket and not arranging anything in advance.
9. The GAP because they are giving me free stuff now.
10. Friends from NY who scare me with shark tales, and Faux-Robot Fans from MI

Logic 9 First Bug Found in New Fade Feature (in Davina Amiris Song By Now)

Davina Amiri songstress extraordinaire "By Now"
Davina Amiri songstress extraordinaire "By Now"

I just installed Logic 9 and used it to work on my good friend Davina Amiris song “By Now” which is pretty much ready to be mixed. I got to the the last fade on the bass track, and discovered that Logic 9 actually has a new Fade feature, in which you no longer have to hold CTL to change the shape of the fade, and you can just drag and drop the beginning and end of the fade, instead of recreating it. Little change, much more user friendly.
fades in logic 9 bug
Once I implemented this change, it added an undocumented feature – Fade the Tempo! The song changed tempo for just a bar, then jumped back up to the normal tempo after the fade! I thought I accidentally automated the tempo, but of course I didn’t, and I had to restart logic to correct this problem. This is why you never use a dot zero product these days!

Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson Video “Relator”

Stereogum just released the new Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson Video “Relator”!!! The sepia-toned video features the duo sitting around a bedroom giving each other annoyed glances…and just not “relating” to each other.

You can watch the video on Yahoo Music here.

The unlikely pair have teamed up on the LP “Break Up”, which is scheduled for release next month!

Needless to say I’m a big Pete Yorn fan – he inspired me to make my own album. Not sure if Pete needs an accomplice, but as long as its not a permanent thing it should be cool!


Free iPod Nano and 3 Free MP3’s

New subscribers to my NON-SPAM Confidential mailing list will be added into a random drawing for a free iPod Nano loaded with extra goodies, including a previously unreleased live track before it goes live.

In addition just for signing up Im giving away 3 tracks off of the recently released album “Gallery” so that new fans can get a taste. All thats required is an email address!

The sign up is here – http://bit.ly/MiNiXFree ipod Nano pete yorn ryan adams

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Engaged! True Blood Romance Blossoms in Real Life

anna paquin and stephen moyer engaged
anna paquin and stephen moyer engaged

True Blood co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are engaged – according to People.com!

The pair have apparently been dating since February.

First, I thought it was going to be Bill/ Stephen Moyer converting Sookie/ Anna Paquin – but apparently Anna’s pulled one on Stephen….

Im not a big fan of Anna Paquin in True Blood….. I just find her annoying.

Wonder if Sookie and Bill will look just as awkward in real life as they do on  screen….

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