Hell’s Kitchen Fight: Joseph versus Ramsey. What happened?

Last week, Hell’s Kitchen viewers were in for a treat: during the elimination round, when chef Gordon Ramsey turns to the men’s team’s leader Joseph and demands the names of the two men up for elimination, and the reasons why they were nominated, Joseph throws the mother-of-all hissy fits. Viewers watched as the hot-headed Joseph ripped off his apron, proclaiming that he “ain’t no bitch”. He then gets right up in Ramsey’s face and the two men stare each other down. Just as the threat of violence was escalating, the show’s credits roll and viewers were left hanging for a week.

The previews for today’s episodes clearly misled the audience (don’t they always?) into believing that some major shit was about to hit the fan at Hell’s Kitchen. We saw firemen, heard sirens, and it was pretty much implied that Joseph was burning the place down.

But what did we get instead? About an extra minute of stare down between Joseph and Ramsey, followed by Ramsey kicking his ass off the show.Cut to Joseph nervously smoking outside, and proclaiming that any kitchen would be honored to have him work for them. Riiiiiight.

What was the hoopla about the fire alarm, and the rush of firemen to the Hell’s Kitchen dorms? Just another marketing ploy to lure viewers (esp. new ones, like me) into watching tonight’s new episode.
Absolutely nothing of importance happened. The fire alarm that went down was just a midnight drill to wake up the contestants and challenge them to prepare a meal for firemen since, according to Ramsey, they’re the epitome of preparation + teamwork.

Once again, we’ve been duped…
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  1. You were only ‘duped’ if you are an idiot.

    Ramsay put a Long Island EXPLETIVE on the next freight home.

    Good riddance.

  2. I felt the same way, I didn’t think he’d burn the place down but I did think Ramsey would kick his ass.

    FYI , I came in here thinking that this was a discussion on why Jo acted the way he did but found a complaint about advertising, guess I was duped

  3. Well i actually thought that was hilarious how Jo got all in Ramsey’s face!!!! HAHAHAHa:) I mean I honestly knew that nothing was actually gonna GO DOWN, but you know they are going to hype it up to something too big!! I don’t know why Jo reacted the way he did, SO DEFENSIVE!!!!! I mean all he had to do was answer the question. I don’t know why he flipped out. it wasn’t like he was the one on the chopping block right?? So i honestly think that it was blown out of proportion on Jo’s part, because he knows that this show is on TV and Ramsey has to act the way he does for ratings;so to just get all crazy and blow your chances at winning was RIDICULOUS!! Another thought came into mind while watching this and almost dying of laughing pains in my stomach; maybe he did this to get famous. He got camera hungry, he knows that anything outrageous will get him a little more camera time than everybody else. Now he will be known as the hot head who tried to “take it outside” with chef Ramsey, but ultimately the idiot because he got kicked off the show and in about a week or so, maybe less nobody will be talking or thinking about him, the situation, or his little anger management stunt on Hell’s Kitchen

  4. I am a bit behind on my TV watching and I promised after I watched these two episodes I would come back and comment.

    I still think it was funny that Joseph even challenged Ramsey but on the other hand he showed his true colours. Would someone really want someone like that in their restuarant? It was probably a blessing in disguise.

    I have watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen, yes I am a dork. And I think that build up to the next episode was the most exciting yet. In the time of summer reruns and boring television I think it was a great ploy to get people watching. Someone has done their homework.

  5. Sorry but calling somone an idiot because they were fooled into thinking the next episode was as it was advertised is just plain retarded.

    Why defend the fact that the end of each show blatantly pulls in the viewers with misleading bull.

    Granted the viewers should be used to it by now but at the end of the day the dudes right.

    The show does it everytime and the thread writer did say they were a new viewer.

    End of the day those that reply they must be an idiot to be duped is simply a monkey with a bannana in the wrong place.

    Fucking ignorant internet geeks, burn em, burn em all!!!!

    Oh and no home work needed to create bullshit hype after each episode lol

  6. Yer thats all good and well but what happened why was a medic needed? someone in the blue team cut themselves i think??? but i dont think i can wait until next week to find out.

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