“The Orphan” movie was awful.

"the orphan" bad
"the orphan" bad

“The Orphan” Movie

I don’t usually write about movies these days as most of my time has been focused on music and other endeavors, but after deciding to go to a matinee show of this movie, I really feel 2 hours of my life has been wasted, and all I have to show for it is this ticket stub in my hand. Im not going to analyze the ridiculous predictable unbelievable and disjointed plot, but for anyone who actually enjoys a well written horror movie – well this sure as hell isn’t it. It seemed like a good idea for a movie, but the storyline just wasn’t believable, and some of the interactions are just insane.

For one – the husband didn’t beleive his WIFE of at least 10 years that Esther was lying. Really? Come on. Shes dressed as Little Bo Peep and is creepier than Marilyn Manson.

I realize I may lose some friends who are raving about this movie, but I have to put my foot down on this, and the same thing with my thumbs. Save your money, or go see Ice Age 3 – Its got a better plot. Scratch that – Its got “a” plot.

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Orphan 2009 Cast:

Vera Farmiga Kate Coleman
Peter Sarsgaard John Coleman
Isabelle Fuhrman Esther
CCH Pounder Sister Abigail
Jimmy Bennett Daniel Coleman
Margo Martindale Dr. Browning
Karel Roden Dr. Värava
Aryana Engineer Max Coleman
Rosemary Dunsmore Grandma Barbara
Jamie Young Brenda
Lorry Ayers Joyce
Brendan Wall Detective
Genelle Williams Sister Judith

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7 thoughts on ““The Orphan” movie was awful.

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  1. okay um i guess everybody has their own opinion; so here’s mine! I actually really enjoyed this movie! I thought that some of the scenes were kind of outrageous and far fetched but i mean all and all it was pretty good. As for you saying that this movie has no plot is really not true. I believe that it was a great story line and very suspenseful to me. now I am not one for scary movies maybe that’s why my opinion will defer from yours. Bottom line…I’m sorry that you felt that you wasted your money, but I totally disagree with you; Orphan was a great movie!!!!! And I would spend my money again to see it:)

  2. Rae –

    Thanks for your opinion – and Im kind of a horror snob, so I have seen much better horror movies, so its possible my expectations are a bit higher. Seriously – when he didnt believe his wife at all? Thats was it for me, and then he started crying in front of the girl about how bad his life was…..really? IN front of a 9 year old? hahaha….. thanks for posting, I hope to disagree with you again sometime! 🙂

  3. I also think that it was a good movie!
    There are certain unique elements such as the picture perfect scenario at the beginning. When they take her home their whole world is perfect, they convinced me that nothing bad could happen!
    Also how Esther manipulates the deaf girl, its chilling.

  4. No freakin way this movie was bad. Orphan was an amazing movie. She only dressed with those dresses because it was one way to hide her 33 year old figure. And the dad did not believe the mom, becasue the mom had already messed up before. By passing out drunk and her daughter almost drowned in the pond cause of it. For example when they confonted the mom about bottle. After the scence where Esther puts the car on neutral. The dad assumed it was cause the mom drank the night before. That’s one of the reason why he couldn’t believe the mom. There’s more reasons but this is getting to long
    In my opinion Orphan wasn’t a waste of money. But we all have our own opinions and I respect yours. I just had to put my thoughts out there.
    Can’t wait to buy it on blu-ray Oct 27. It’s so close Woo!!!

  5. People,
    This movie is a documentary of the bad relationships with the opposite sex in our lives.
    The evil portrayed by this girl (woman) is what I have suffered through in my life
    (with out the hammer).

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