Logic 9 Studio just released by Apple


The New Logic Studio Hits the Shelves
The New Logic Studio Hits the Shelves

Hello Logic 9! Apple has just released the newest version of its high-end Audio suite. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!  I am a huge fan of Logic, and most of my album (hear logic in action) was recorded within Logic. Of course some tracking had to be done in Pro Tools, but that was because I was forced to by some of the old-school studios I was working with – Get with the times fellas!!!  Though I do have to admit the Pro Tools 8 piano sounds are pretty Awesome.

The next Dion Roy album will certainly be using some of the Logic 9 goodness including Bounce in Place, Speed Fades and the awesome new Flex time. I do hope in the abscence of Logic 8.0.3, that they have fixed some of the Logic 8.0.2 bugs like the screen redraws and the nightmare “ghosting ” that are  prevalent when using the Audio comp feature in version 8.

Im looking forward to learning all the new features in Logic 9, but keep in mind everyone if you have the academic or NFR (not for resale) versions of Logic 8 you are going to have to shell out the full $499.99 to the Steve Jobs fund for this puppy. You know what though, $500 wouldnt even buy you Sculpture – so lets keep that in perspective, though I have to admit the included AU instruments like the Piano in PT8 have leveled the field just a bit.

New in Logic Studio 09

Mainstage 2 – The live application – used by Nine Inch Nails, Fleex Foxes and scores of others has seen a face lift and many bug fixes.

Soundtrack Pro 3 – Photoshop of audio editing! Havent seen whats new, but it is apparently far more integrated into Logic itself.

Logic Pro 9 – The mother of all DAW’s – new scoring, comps, instruments and other goodies – Ill be doing a follow up post once I have had some time with the new version.

I have attached several screenshots, including some of the new features within Logic, and I will be updating this post as I learn more. In the mean time enjoy!

Logic 9 Flex Time
Logic 9 Flex Time

Logic 9 screenshot

more on logic studio here

Update : Spent some time on the details

Flex Time -> You can seriously move around vocal phrases, the way that melodyne adjusts pitch, you can seemlessly move around words without one cut or fade. Take that PRO Tools!

Drum Replacer -> You can choose your pre-recorded snare drum sound, then choose a drum sound for the apple library to replace each snare hit. Thats it. New Snare sound no edits.

Convert to Sampler :  2 Clicks, and your AUDIO (not Midi) piano part or drum part is now an EXS instrument (btw EXS has not gotten a facelift  in the new version BOO! ) and editable as if it was an Audio event!  What?! Amazing. You can now sample your own instruments in a flash.

How does Logic Sound?

That Logic sound: Both of these songs were recorded in Logic using only Logics instruments and real ones (Vocals, Guitars, Bass were recorded, Piano, Strings, and misc were all Logic ES2, Sculpture etc)

Wants It

You Can’t Take

Twitter – @dionroy

dion roy "gallery"

logic 9 tutorials
Macprovideo.com hands down has the best tutorials on Logic, I used their Logic 101 thoroughly and as soon as they come out with Logic 9 - Ill be using those.

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  1. Ima Faithful logic user. Logic all the way. I have and do use Protools for Editing Vocals No more Logic has seriously Stepped there game IMO!!!…

    1. Yeah man – I was watching the Flex Time videos and its gonna be hard to top that. I do wish they put some love into the EXS though. That thing is getting really old! What kind of stuff do you work on?

  2. Flex Time looks fantastic. I also like the Jam Pack with voices has been added. For me one the best features is the drum replacer where you can replace live drums parts with samples. I am glad that Logic Pro 9 works with Mac Os Tiger and you are not forced to update to Leopard. I am still using 10.4.10. If I had to change then I would need to check the compatability of all my plugs ins. I might change when Snow Leopard comes out.

    1. Snow Leopard is going to be great. Especially if they somehow figure out a way to force some of those pesky single-threaded plugins to start using the second, and third cpu. Though we’ll see if it works on the G5 – probably not Id imagine, but I fully utilized dual g5 would be a great second logic station.

  3. I just re-read the technical specs and I realised I read the compatability with Tiger wrong. It says you need Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later. Thats means I need to buy Leopard. I will have to wait a while and see what the reviewers say if it worth updating. Readers I would like to inform you some interesting info on update pricing. In the USA its $199 dollars for the upgrade. In Ireland its 199 Euro ($140 USA Dollars) which is about 50 Euros more expensive than in the USA in todays currency exchange and thats alot of money.

    1. Awesome thanks for the info. I am waiting until I can get it a bit cheaper on ebay, using one of those microsoft coupons – hehehe. Double wham for Microsoft. Unfortunately my copy is not eligible for upgrade. Feel free to send me paypal money for it 🙂 j/k.

  4. Many of the new features of Logic Studio 9 seem to be based around making less skilled musicians sound more talented (all of the flex tools) or making a not-so-knowledgeable/talented recording engineer sound like they actually got decent sounds (drum replacer). Still, some worthwhile things are included that can be used when capable engineers record capable talent.

    It should be noted, I use both Logic and Pro Tools.

  5. Ben – Im totally with you on that. I think it goes without saying that at least ONE person in the process nees to be talented in order to have a good production, be it the engineer, or a semi-talented artist. In particular Drum Replacer would be amazing if I decided I didnt like the tone of kick drum that was recorded live, and I could pick one of the logic kicks to replace it.

    In terms of Flex time – I plan on using it as a creative tool, to hear a diffrent part, and then ultimately re-record it, the same way you use melodyne to test out a different harmony.

    On a side note – Id love to hear about anyone elses experience within Logic 9 until I get a chance to try it out. Apple stores dont even have it installed yet – they are too busy explaining how the Dock works I suppose. Argh – dont they know how long we’ve waited.

    1. My friend got the upgrade.
      I’ve been buying Logic upgrades since version 5.
      It’s a shame at this point really.
      They finally implemented ‘flexible’ audio after many years
      of people asking for it.
      Also, bounce-in-place, after an equal time of people asking for it.

      You won’t get much creativity with flex time, or even sound design usage with it. Because like everything they finally include in this software:
      it is STRINGENT, and feels like you’re locked into doing it one particular way.

      Bounce-in-place is not truly bounce in place, as it only works with audio in the arrangement.
      You won’t be bouncing any incoming ReWire audio in place.

      I’m being completely objective here: in terms of sound design, a feeling of free creativity, and especially in terms of features and flexibility,
      cubase kicks logic’s ass.
      (unless you like feeling like you’re squeezed into a tiny cold little box while you’re writing music).

      I won’t buy any more upgrades of this app. It’s sad, it’s a shame, but it’s true…they simply don’t do things in a human-friendly way.

  6. Logic 9 is so far in my experience brilliant, tho all the above thoughts have struck me as i find it to be so crazily EASY to manipulate and fix/amend/improve performances,…. that said eventually all technologies will reach this place, so we must have faith that the core organic talent will always be an ultimate requirement for enduring artistic success. Drum replacer is really just a more user friendly version of Drumagog, and all the time fixing of flex audio has been achievable in the past with careful and time consuming editing…… its juts so damn quick and convenient now!!!!!!!!!! as for all the other features, for the $$$ this is simply an unbeatable platform. No question. PS waveburner even burns DDP protocolmasters !!

  7. you could convert audio to score and therefor to midi in logic 8 aswell. ( capable of having recorded drums trigger drum samples inside logic) but it now seems way more accurate and able to process (audio) melodies to midi alot better. im very excited to get my hands on this.

  8. still though:

    * when you bounce audio, there’s no option to actually put it into the song.
    it gets put into the Bin, you have to find it, put it into the song, and then
    move it to the ‘original record position’.
    * You can open and look at more than one midi region in the piano roll at
    the same time. BUT you have no control over adding notes to the parts
    you’re looking at.
    * This FLEX TIME thing: I Hope it works with audio that was not created in

  9. Wow. Fantastic tracks you’ve done with Logic 9, I don’t think it’s so much that logic has a “sound”, In my experience, it’s also the engineer/producer that’s wielding the tool that gets hi-end mixes. I like and enjoyed your songs very much. Good work. *Really*. Keep the music flowing bro. Peace Josef Horhay. Mixing Engineer. acoosticzoo.com

    1. Awesome! I guess I just got used to hearing Sculpture, as well as the ES2 on so many Logic tracks that I could pick them out. IM glad you liked the songs! What projects are you working on these days?

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