Krysten Ritter from Breaking Bad aka the drug addict “Jane” not only looks like a rocker – She is! (ex-Vivian)

8 07 2009


Best known as Jane on the  Meth dealing series Breaking Bad, Krysten Ritter is the frontman or front woman for her own band called “Ex Vivian”, you can check out Ex Vivians myspace page here

The lineup according to her myspace page is as follows:

“” Krysten Ritter (guitar, vocals, keys) and Speculator (synthesizers, guitar). Center of Operations. Hired guns Benjamin Lysaght (guitar) and Eugene (electric guit, electric bass) featured on “1”. IS IT POSSIBLE mixed by Eli Epstein at the magic sound lab. Big Planes produced by Center of Operations. “””
Krysten Ritter rocking out "Ex Vivian"

Krysten Ritter rocking out "Ex Vivian"

The music ranges from eclectic post-modern to groovin, with Krystens vocals heavily effected, mostly reverb and delay. It suits her well, and it looks like she is having fun while doing it. Im assuming from the name of her myspace page, that the musicians she is working with are well….ummmm…hired guns – Id imagine being a supermodel she can afford some of th greatest musical talent that Los Angeles can offer.

I was really sad to see her die (on the show), she actually did a pretty decent job in Breaking Bad of playing a heroin junkie and Jesse Pinkmans girlfriend, and making Walter White’s life a living hell (played by Malcom in the Middles  Bryan Cranston ( wiki ), until her unfortunate demise as she choked on her own vomit while unconscious from a heroin binge.

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One response

26 06 2010
neal cassady

aloha, do you have the e-mail from krysten ?
would like to write her a letter.
peace, from south germany,


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