Chickenfoot’s Chad Smith and Will Ferrell look alike. Seriously.

27 06 2009

will ferrellWhile reading the billboard top 200 list tonight I noticed that chickenfoot, the band consisting of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony ranked number 4 selling 52,000 albums their first week.

Chickenfoot’s debut was in Feb 08 along with Sammy in Las Vegas. So much for what happens in vegas stays in vegas.


The point is, while watching their June 6th performance on Conan, I noticed that Chad Smith (aka the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers) was wearing a shirt that said ” I am not Will Ferrell.

How freaking funny is that? Well its true.  Take a look at this video, and you will undoubtedly see the resemblance.


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Michael Jackson, 50 dies of cardiac arrest

25 06 2009

michael jackson dies at 50The LA Times reports that Michael Jackson has passed at 50 years old after being rushed to the UCLA hospital.

Los Angeles Fire Dept. Capt. Steve Ruda told the paper that Michael Jackson was not breathing when emergency personel arrived at his home and CPR was adminstered. reported that he might have suffered cardiac arrest.

I can’t say that I can accept all of his action of the past decade, but there was certainly a lot of good that stemmed from him overall.

“Bad” was the first song that I loved by Michael Jackson, and my prayers go to his remaining family members, including his children.


Taking Back Sunday Singer cancels show, taken to hospital

25 06 2009

Taking Back Sunday had to cancel their toronto show when Adam Lazzara fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital.

Lazzara has been confirmed in okay condition according to bandmates, but details are yet to be confirmed.

Rescheduled dates have not been set, however August 23rd is the most likely candidate as they will be back in Toronto playing with Blink 182.

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Pete Yorn plays “Don’t Wanna Cry” on Conan

23 06 2009

Pete Yorn

was on Conan tonight in support of his new album “Back and Fourth” which I posted about a couple days back. Or maybe it was longer – anyway – the point is he killed it on Conan and while I haven’t committed myself to liking this album more than nightcrawler I definitely do like it.

Ill try to add the Conan clip when it becomes available, but unfortunately as I write on wordpress I can’t embed from anything but youtube without having to write code.

Heres the actual version that is on “Back and Fourth” album of “Don’t Wanna Cry” – Nothing from Conan yet!

Don’t forget my album “Dion Roy – Gallery” just hit Itunes last week! If you like Pete, you will most likely enjoy my album as well as he is a huge influence of mine.

Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” – EXPLICIT; Would 2 Live Crew Be Proud?

20 06 2009

This is the latest release “NOT the radio edit!” off of Lily Allens most recent Album, and the video for “Fuck You” is pretty funny. This makes me think of 2 Live Crew – I wonder if they are proud  of what they started? Seriously Do you guys think they are proud? Has it gone too far? Comments?

5 Things I liked about this week. Mafia Wars, New MusicTaking Back Sunday, Iphone App ETC.

20 06 2009

Picture 3

Im switching it up just a little bit.

1. Discovering Mafia Wars – After making fun of so many friends and family members for playing a stupid online text based game. I joined. And I CONQUERED. I own 2 casinos’s (big money makers in the game) and I have a bunch of gawdy ties.

2. Pete Yorns new album came out, and I still have the entire new Eels album to listen to that I bought the week before.

3. I have 2 new songs that I am extremely excited to finish up. They are called “Of Gray” and “Dirty Hotel Scenery” – The latter of which was on the shelf for 2 years, but thanks tomy new guitar player Peter Roessler forcing me to transpose it 2 half steps – its back with a vengance. My previous album “Gallery” was just released but Im ready for more. We’ll be playing these songs on our west coast tour in July, and possibly performing them on the radio on July 10th. Details to come.

4. I played with the new Taking Back Sunday Iphone app. Apparently you can mix scratch and DJ-ify their track Sink Into Me off their new album with your thumb.  Check it out at the itunes store.

5. Its friday night and all I have to do is relax. Its amazing. It was a long week of intense writing, recording, and thorwing in some real public relations work into the mix, as well as some creative audio design work. Im now onto my 7th episode of the night of How I met Your Mother just as soon as I finish this blog…. and Im off.