Taking Back Sunday releases new single “Everything Must Go” off forth-coming album “New Again”

taking back sunday new album everything must go

This weekend, Music Label Warner Bros. Records artist, Taking Back Sunday, is dropping a brand new single on MySpace “Everything Must Go.”



taking back sunday album new again

The new album, aptly titled “New Again” due to the new band member, hits the streets on June 2nd, 2009. The rejuvenated group is excited to emerge with their new guitarist Matt Fazzi on board and a fresh new sound as a result. “We kicked around a bunch of different titles, but [New Again] always remained at the top of the list, and that’s because it really does feel like a new band,” says lead vocalist, Adam Lazzara. And when it comes to the newbie, Lazzara can’t wait for the fans to get to know Fazzi, “His drive to get out there and play for people is just where it was with our first record; it’s like that energy, it’s like we bottled it. He brings an excitement and a fearlessness to working on music that really makes us feel even more so that we can do anything and still call it us.”

The new single, “Everything Must Go,” is being dubbed as one of the record’s most unique tracks; a mid-tempo tune that starts with slow keys before rising into big guitars, all of which provide the backdrop for some of Lazzara’s most mature lyrics to date. “Lyrically it’s real autobiographical, whereas normally I try to mask all that just so people can take whatever they want from it. But that one was one of the more straight-forward tunes on the record,” claims Lazzara. It’s a song that Lazzara, now 27 and married, says reflects his own life a lot.

The track hit this weekend click here to hear the new track! And stay tuned for three new live songs coming soon!


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