Outrage over imeem changes (30 second clips, IMEEM streaming) trouble

While I am relatively new to and have only been using it for a few months, there have been quite a few changes in the interface, as well as the type and scope of music available on  Of note IMEEM and its streams has now been included into’s library. Previously a significant amount of their library has been sourced from the troubled Seeqpod who has filed for bankruptcy and is in reality waiting for their own bailout a la microsoft or the likes.
The problem with the conversion of blips library to imeem is the limitation of “30 Second clips” available to the non U.S. listeners.

It doesnt stop there – there are quite a few other “features” on their way;

* Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited to legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems
* The embeddable widget will still show blip messages, but won’t play the music in most cases.
* Where applicable, old blips will be replaced with content from the imeem catalog, but anything that doesn’t match will temporarily cease to function. We plan to add tools to allow you to correct any false matches and find replacements for unavailable tracks.
* We plan to add a preference to skip 30 second clips.
* Additional media content will be available as it is sourced via new partnerships.

A large portion of BLIP’s listeners are international, and they would bare the brunt of the new pressure being placed on to change. Many users have begun a “Friday Boycotting” at  BLIP.FM in an effort to protest the changes occuring at BLIP.FM. ITs also fair to mention that many successful 2.0 Music Sites have fallen prey to the same pressures, LAST.FM comes to mind.

Below is just a sampling of disappointed commenters voicing their frustrations at Consider listening to these folks on for more info GR8FL , MelodyOfYourLife, Me ( dionroy or @dionroy )


UPDATE : You can now search -imeem to display only non imeem songs on This serves to be a temporary workaround to keep our international users happy. imeem frustration
imeem 30 seconds clips issues


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