I’m a big kid now : Music placed on Huggies’ Pull-Ups Potty Project!

13 05 2009

Today I received an email from Jingle Punks, an online stock music database I just signed up with, announcing that my music has been placed in… Huggies’ new “Potty Project”!!!! The Potty Project is a series of web series that follows 6 families as they train their toddlers to, well, use the potty.

Now you can listen to my music and watch kids……learn.

Check it out!:

The Potty Project

The Potty Project

Does that mean I’m a big kid now? 😉




3 responses

14 05 2009
Alan K

I am one of the six families and I love that music. It is edited so perfectly and the music is perfect for this project. Congrats.

14 05 2009

Alan, thanks a lot and I hope the training goes well. You can hear the version with actual music on dionroy.com or Itunes 🙂

Do you know how many episodes they are putting out?

14 05 2009
Alan K

They started with two on the web site and put an additional two online last night. It seems as if the four episodes posted online tell the whole story. I think your music is on the tv commercial that’s playing countrywide.

Good Luck and I love the music

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