Regina Spektor releases new MP3 “Laughing With” off “Far” her upcoming release.

Regina Spektor is one of my favorite musicians, especially because she spent a lot of time near my old apartment on Delancy Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She release the song on her myspace page, but only as a stream, you can listen to “Regina “Laughing With” here in a new window.

Laughing With is going to be on her new album “Far” or what Regina says is “Far”(t) was due to a problem with the wrong artwork being distributed prematurely on the internet before it was actually finished. This is a quote taken from Stereo Gum.

“”Sorry bout the new cover mix up. We had a million comps, ideas, and we posted the wrong ones… everything is like a kaleidoscope… I am giving up trying to make things perfect, because they never are… i bet my record comes out called “Fart”… i kind of hope it… i’ve kind of wanted it to be called fart for a while… ever since i named it far, i wished it was fart…

but you don’t need to worry bout all that. I think the cover is right now… and i know that any day now my new song “Laughing With” will be up… We will put it in the player here, and get it out into the world… It’s a new song that i never played for people at shows before…“”

I really like the song, but its definitely not what I expected for the first single of her highly anticipated album, but keeping us surprised is what Regina does best. The album is due out on Sire Records on June 23rd 2009.

I can’t wait for the album to come out! Ive been listening to Begin to Hope non-stop for months!

enjoy! – @Dionroy


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