Jay Bennett, ex member of Wilco, dies at 45

jay bennet dies at 45

Jay Bennet regrettably passed before his time on  Monday 05.25.09, he was 45 years old. At this point and I will update later, the causes are not known – though it has been confirmed he did die in his sleep.

Jay, who joined Wilco in 1994, right after the recording of their first album “A.M”. Jay played keyboards, guitars and a few other instruments on “Being There”, the follow up album.

Jay is unfortunately best known for his volatile exit from Wilco, which was a topic in the  2002 feautre, ” I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.”   Jay and band leader Jeff Tweedy did not share the same opinions however, but Tweedy himself yesterday released a statement acknoledging  Bennett’s “significant contribution” to Wilcos’s  “songs and evolution.”

As a huge fan myself, you will be missed.


Soundtrack for HBO’s True Blood is now available!

atlantic true blood sound track ryan adams
Being a huge everything vampire fan/nerd as I am, and a huge fan of Ryan Adams – what could be better than a vampire soundtrack with Ryan Adams? Atlantic has put out just that! The True Blood Soundtrack album.

A great mix of stuff, and of course “Two” by Ryan Adams”

Track Listing:
1. Bad Things – Jace Everett
2. Bleed 2 Feed – C.C. Adcock, ,
3. Lake Charles – Lucinda Williams
4. Give It Up – Lee Dorsey
5. Swampblood – The Legendary Shack Shakers
6. Play with Fire – Cobra Verde
7. Just Like Heaven – The Watson Twins
8. Christine’s Tune [Aka DeVil in Disguise] – The Flying Burrito Brothers
9. Two – Ryan Adams
10. Strange Love – Slim Harpo
11. From a Whisper to a Scream – Allen Toussaint
12. I Don’t Wanna Know – Dr. John,
13. Golden State – John Doe, Kathleen Edwards
14. Bones – Little Big Town

Til next time
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Taking Back Sunday releases new single “Everything Must Go” off forth-coming album “New Again”

taking back sunday new album everything must go

This weekend, Music Label Warner Bros. Records artist, Taking Back Sunday, is dropping a brand new single on MySpace “Everything Must Go.”



taking back sunday album new again

The new album, aptly titled “New Again” due to the new band member, hits the streets on June 2nd, 2009. The rejuvenated group is excited to emerge with their new guitarist Matt Fazzi on board and a fresh new sound as a result. “We kicked around a bunch of different titles, but [New Again] always remained at the top of the list, and that’s because it really does feel like a new band,” says lead vocalist, Adam Lazzara. And when it comes to the newbie, Lazzara can’t wait for the fans to get to know Fazzi, “His drive to get out there and play for people is just where it was with our first record; it’s like that energy, it’s like we bottled it. He brings an excitement and a fearlessness to working on music that really makes us feel even more so that we can do anything and still call it us.”

The new single, “Everything Must Go,” is being dubbed as one of the record’s most unique tracks; a mid-tempo tune that starts with slow keys before rising into big guitars, all of which provide the backdrop for some of Lazzara’s most mature lyrics to date. “Lyrically it’s real autobiographical, whereas normally I try to mask all that just so people can take whatever they want from it. But that one was one of the more straight-forward tunes on the record,” claims Lazzara. It’s a song that Lazzara, now 27 and married, says reflects his own life a lot.

The track hit this weekend click here to hear the new track! And stay tuned for three new live songs coming soon!

blip.fm Outrage over imeem changes (30 second clips, IMEEM streaming)

blip.fm trouble

While I am relatively new to blip.fm and have only been using it for a few months, there have been quite a few changes in the interface, as well as the type and scope of music available on blip.fm.  Of note IMEEM and its streams has now been included into blip.fm’s library. Previously a significant amount of their library has been sourced from the troubled Seeqpod who has filed for bankruptcy and is in reality waiting for their own bailout a la microsoft or the likes.
The problem with the conversion of blips library to imeem is the limitation of “30 Second clips” available to the non U.S. listeners.

It doesnt stop there – there are quite a few other “features” on their way;

* Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited to legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems
* The embeddable widget will still show blip messages, but won’t play the music in most cases.
* Where applicable, old blips will be replaced with content from the imeem catalog, but anything that doesn’t match will temporarily cease to function. We plan to add tools to allow you to correct any false matches and find replacements for unavailable tracks.
* We plan to add a preference to skip 30 second clips.
* Additional media content will be available as it is sourced via new partnerships.

A large portion of BLIP’s listeners are international, and they would bare the brunt of the new pressure being placed on blip.fm to change. Many users have begun a “Friday Boycotting” at  BLIP.FM in an effort to protest the changes occuring at BLIP.FM. ITs also fair to mention that many successful 2.0 Music Sites have fallen prey to the same pressures, LAST.FM comes to mind.

Below is just a sampling of disappointed commenters voicing their frustrations at Blip.fm. Consider listening to these folks on blip.fm for more info GR8FL , MelodyOfYourLife, Me ( dionroy or @dionroy )


UPDATE : You can now search -imeem to display only non imeem songs on blip.fm. This serves to be a temporary workaround to keep our international blip.fm users happy.

blip.fm imeem frustration
imeem 30 seconds clips
blip.fm issues

I’m a big kid now : Music placed on Huggies’ Pull-Ups Potty Project!

Today I received an email from Jingle Punks, an online stock music database I just signed up with, announcing that my music has been placed in… Huggies’ new “Potty Project”!!!! The Potty Project is a series of web series that follows 6 families as they train their toddlers to, well, use the potty.

Now you can listen to my music and watch kids……learn.

Check it out!:

The Potty Project
The Potty Project

Does that mean I’m a big kid now? 😉

Regina Spektor releases new MP3 “Laughing With” off “Far” her upcoming release.

Regina Spektor is one of my favorite musicians, especially because she spent a lot of time near my old apartment on Delancy Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She release the song on her myspace page, but only as a stream, you can listen to “Regina “Laughing With” here in a new window.

Laughing With is going to be on her new album “Far” or what Regina says is “Far”(t) was due to a problem with the wrong artwork being distributed prematurely on the internet before it was actually finished. This is a quote taken from Stereo Gum.

“”Sorry bout the new cover mix up. We had a million comps, ideas, and we posted the wrong ones… everything is like a kaleidoscope… I am giving up trying to make things perfect, because they never are… i bet my record comes out called “Fart”… i kind of hope it… i’ve kind of wanted it to be called fart for a while… ever since i named it far, i wished it was fart…

but you don’t need to worry bout all that. I think the cover is right now… and i know that any day now my new song “Laughing With” will be up… We will put it in the player here, and get it out into the world… It’s a new song that i never played for people at shows before…“”

I really like the song, but its definitely not what I expected for the first single of her highly anticipated album, but keeping us surprised is what Regina does best. The album is due out on Sire Records on June 23rd 2009.

I can’t wait for the album to come out! Ive been listening to Begin to Hope non-stop for months!

enjoy! – @Dionroy

Famous Cover Songs…Who Did It Better?

Was on Blip.FM, listening to Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World” (originally performed by Tears for Fears), and it got me thinking about cover songs, some of which became more famous than their originals! I’ve listed some of my favorite cover songs below… Which versions do you prefer? And what other cover songs would you recommend over the originals? Please comment! I can add new polls if you send me your suggestions…

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