Itunes raising its pricing on popular tracks to $1.29

Apple Itunes
Apple Itunes

Termeh over at AMP3 pr just sent me a link at the latimes which gave details on on Apples new itunes store pricing.

To make a long story short, Itunes will be charging $1.29 for more “popular” tracks and .69 cents for less popular tracks.

So let me get this straight – Apple, a luxury brand to begin with, is raising prices on a luxury item (to most) in the midst of a recession, and very possible a depression WHILE music piracy is at an all time high. This reminds me of someone else 10 years ago – who kept the prices for CD’s at $20.00 per cd, that worked out well.

I love my macbook, my imac, my ipod, my iphone and I record music pretty much exclusively in apple logic – but my love of apple does not flow into the itunes store. They have been advocates of DRM longer than anyone, and now when FORCED to cut out DRM (digital rights management – to keep you from playing a song on other devices) they have raised pricing. Apple you are own your own with this price increase.


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