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28 04 2009

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Horror Director David Slade Chosen for Third “Twilight” Installment

23 04 2009

While every girl aged 14-18 liked, loved, “OMG”-ed the Twilight movie, being a connoisseur of sorts of horror/vampire movies, I couldn’t really have been more disappointed. Apparently a teeny-bopping pixie is what a vampire is nowadays, and I don’t get it. And you know what? I don’t want to get it – give me Bram Stoker, give me John Carpenter…Hell, give me Anne Rice! – but for the love of Christmas not a jeweled fairy boy “vampire” from Twilight!! With that off my chest, I must say that I am very happy that a director worth his stones (David Slade) who you may know from “30 Days and Nights” is going to be directing the third installment of the massive pixie fairy dust vampire franchise known as Twilight. Let’s hope that the 3rd time is in fact, the charm.

Director David Slade of "30 Days of Night" and "Hard Candy" Fame

Director David Slade of "30 Days of Night" and "Hard Candy" Fame

Kids band playing Journeys “Separate Ways”

20 04 2009

Now this is amazing. At least not every kid is playing video games ALL THE TIME.
Recess, out of Cleveland Ohio playing the song “Separate Ways” by Journey. Amazing 9 yr old Vincent Fondale, vocalist, 11 year old Alex Raz on lead guitar (both were already featured on front page two years ago), 9 year old Joey Sampson on drums, 12 yr old Alexis Shook on bass guitar, and 13 yr old Anthony Fondale on Keyboard. For more info, go to or

And another :

Ryan Adams Releases 3 New Metal Tracks with Werewolph!

13 04 2009

According to, alt rocker Ryan Adams has released 3 new tracks with his band Werewolph!!

The ominous tracks are: “Evil Weekend,” “Mega Wizards,” and “Dead People Unite”

Take a listen at

and here’s video for “Evil Weekend”:

I know he said he was done with music, maybe he just meant THE CARDINALS – and you know what I think this is the perfect thing for him.

I think that its important for a musician to just have FUN with his music for awhile, hell after putting in a year into my last album I know EXACTLY what he must be feeling, or not feeling. Best of luck Ryan.

Whom You Know interview is up!

9 04 2009

Thanks Peechy Deegain at WhomYouKnow.Com for the interview!

You can check it out here:

New Pete Yorn song “My Own Worst Enemy”

8 04 2009

Pete Yorns new album “back and fourth” is coming out on June 23rd on Atlantic Records and BitTorrent 🙂 –

This is one of the songs on the upcoming record. I love when he sings in his low register!

“Gallery” out on itunes!

Where is live music going?

8 04 2009

As times get tougher and tougher, and people have less and less income – I spent the past few weeks wondering if music scene is going to get better, or if its a luxury that will be skipped.

I just responded to a query to day about the “open mic” circuit and it became clear to me that people will always flock to music, when times are good to celebrate, when times are tough to share and support, but as American Idol and other Karaoke shows become more and more celebrated are us songwriters in danger of becoming obsolete to cheesy covers?

My point is support local music – before it disappears entirely – especially in NYC. Encourage your friends to skip the $19 martini and pay the 7 bucks to see something REALLY incredible. Or at least something really funny 🙂

If you dont want to pay a cover – support open mics. In times like these we need music more than ever and what good will another starbucks do in the spot where the music venue used to be.

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