Musicians Who’ve Jumped the Shark

Posted Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:36pm PST by Shawn Amos in GetBack

I thought this was a good find, and made me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂

It’s hard for musicians to stay on top. Scratch that. It’s impossible for musicians to stay on top. We live in a world of fads, passing fancies, and ever-changing moods. So it’s understandable that some artists do whatever it takes to stretch their 15 minutes to 30. It’s a long ride coming down, and no one wants to hit bottom. Can you blame them for getting a little desperate as the fall begins? So if that means they have to trade in a few integrity chips at the table, c’est la vie.

You were once a Top 10 pop star, and now you’re the host of a tabloid TV show? So what? At least everyone still knows your name, Mark McGrath. You were once at the forefront of rap’s new wave, and now you’re making mashed potatoes with Martha Stewart? At least you’re still the leader of the Dogg pound, right, Snoop? You’re now spending nights writing a music blog? Uh… let’s move on.

Everyone’s gotta make a buck, and I’m not begrudging anyone the right to do so. Still, these folks have jumped the shark. It’s that sad show business tale dating back to the days of ’70s olde, when TV’s Fonzie traded in his motorcycle for a pair of water skis. He not only jumped over some sharks, but he also dragged “”Happy Days”” down into the critical gutter. What was once a beloved show became a joke (even though it stayed at the top of the ratings for a while longer). To this day, the shark-jumping episode lives in infamy and serves as shorthand for those moments when all cred is lost. Yikes.

Here are five musicians who have jumped the shark in their music careers and the precise moment when it happened. These folks’ credibility is gone forever, as they’ve become the captains of their own cheesy industries. They are not musicians anymore; their purpose is now to keep their brand alive by any means necessary. But name recognition doesn’t mean much when fans no longer look to you for inspiration.

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