Apple is announcing its new Macbooks today…..

I’ve done all of my music production and recording on Macs – and I hope that their new releases take into account the struggling economy so that I can afford to buy another one and work on music on the plane!  Does anyone want to buy me one of the new ones? Come on its only $1500.00…….  Come on you euro using buggers – in American dollars thats nothing!


The good news about the Jewish Holidays…..

Dion Roy Entrance of Gramercy Park New York City
Dion Roy Entrance of Gramercy Park New York City

Is that it forces me to stay home and as most of you know Im particularly prone to distractions.

With that said, I have a new song that will be included on the 2009 release which I think really brings the album together, and its a song that really took no time to come together and seemed to just flow out of me. This is the best kind of song to write, and usually means good things – though Ill leave it up to you guys to decide.

It’s called “Won’t Go On This Way” – and for those of you who actively follow me – you’ll be getting a sneak preview most likely by the end of the month.

All the best,


p.s. that picture is in gramcery park – I think you can see Julia Roberts in the back ground 😉

Apple gets to keep their 6 cents – Royalties stays the same

Apple generated some headlines on Tuesday when statements by iTunes vice president Eddie Cue suggested that Apple might shut down iTunes rather than pay increased royalty rates to music publishers.

Few took the threat seriously, but CNet reports that the Copyright Royalty Board decided to keep royalty rates at 9.1 cents. Music publishers had been pushing for an increase to 15 cents per track, while Apple was insisting that the price increase would not be tolerated by the market. 

The 9.1 cents/track rate is now set for the next five years. An Apple spokesperson stated they were very pleased with the decision.

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