New Songs – Mixed and Mastered on their way….thanks Brian Jackson

To all 7 of my adoring fans, Im sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in quite awhile. I have been spending a ton of time working on Come Back Around, Reconsider, and a new Cure meets NIN song called “Know”.

IN addition, I’ve been playing the open mics ar ARCTICA every Wednesday, getting my live performance chops up, and drinking a lot of guiness in the process. A few of the videos are available at, (just search Dion Roy) an interesting site which runs mini contests for live performance among other thing, though its at times painfully slow.

Oddly enough Brian Bauers from my old band the WMDs is the open mic host. New York is getting smaller and smaller by the day, which is why you can’t get a decent apartment. (See Jason Misrahi on this blog, just search it.)

Brian Jackson has been Mixing and Mastering the last couple songs, and is an incredible teacher as well. You can see his new site at

Id love to hear feedback so – you can get a taste of the new songs at

Til next time!


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