Best Buy Customer Service Sucks

Quick rant on a totally off-base topic. I went to buy my Microwave at Best Buy on 23rd Street in Manhattan, because Best buy charges a fortune to ship a microwave apparently. 


So Im searching the aisles, find the popcorn exploder of choice, and see that its out of stock except for an open box item, which is sealed with tape that says “Inspected by Best Buy”. Sweet my search is over – let me just make sure that the microwave was in fact checked out.

I ask the microwave salesperson at best buy – ” Can you undoubtedly confirm, that this unit is in perfect working order so that I dont have to carry this thing across town and BACK”


Best Buy response – ” This item was taken out of the box, plugged in, and tested in the back by our Customer Service people, You have nothing to worry about it”


You know how this story ends. Best Buy didn’t care one bit, had their phones down to the store so we couldnt even call to arrange for a pickup, and kept saying “we cant do anything for you” Nothing. 


So the point is, next time you are at Best Buy, remember me and Termeh, and how they screwed up and wasted 2 hours, and the manual labor to lug the equipment back. I hope this review causes them to lose the $20.00 they wouldnt pay to have UPS come pick up the broken microwave.


Best Buys Sucks.Thanks for listening. Good luck.,



ColdPlay Lost – My next cover……


Really cool song….think Im gonna cover this…thanks Termeh for the recommendation.

Mission Accomplished…..kinda

First off thanks to everyone who showed up to my first gig in years yesterday. Super awesome. Having the room full truly helped make me even more nervous – but definitely helped me get used to it.

Erin did a splendid job, and so did Ed – sepcial thanks to them for everything. 

It was too bad Parkside Lounge didnt have a sound person to help out, but I guess thats where “No Cover” fits in. I should have paid someone to do it – oh well – wont make that mistake next time FO SHO. 

Onwards – now I can focus on recording now that I finally finished those 8 songs…. back to Logic Pro 8!

me aka Dion Roy Sunday Night at The parkside Lounge June 22nd 9PM

So Mr. Dion Roy will be  playing his first gig at the Parkside Lounge this Sunday June 22nd 2008 @ 9PM 

Ed Marshall on Keys and Guitar

Erin Gell – singing backup!

Its on Houston and B – No cover.  g-d help us all. oy vey.


Club Info:

Located at 317 East Houston b/w Ave B & C, Parkside Lounge is a legendary Lower East Side music club known for consistently outstanding local and big name musical and eclectic acts ranging from bluegrass to indie-rock. Long established comedy acts most nights including NYC’s only saturday open mic. A real neighborhood bar with a great listening room… We will never put anything bad in your ears. Always a good time.

So you know what I look like if you show up at the Parkside...



Pics from my first “Real” Band :) Simon’s Awake RIP

It was the best of times for awhile, these pics were taken in NJ while recording Simon’s Awake – the 100th monkey phenomenon – The members were:  Dion Roy, Jason Tavares, Corby Hewson, Brian Gillin, and Charlie Irwin.

And as all good things come to an end, other things come in its stead. Heres a few links to my solo stuff, as well as a link to the newly release album “Gallery”
Music Available on Itunes

smurf you – they are on their way back.

Los Angeles (E! Online) – Children of the ’80s, take note: There’s something smurftastic brewing in Hollywood.

Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation have scooped up the big-screen rights to the Smurfs and are on track to develop a hybrid live action/animated film based on the three-apple-high beings.

Papa SmurfSmurfette and the rest of the blue-hued crew will be computer-rendered in the flick, which filmmakers hope launches a movie franchise.

Created by Pierre Culliford, aka Peyo, in 1958, Les Schtroumpfs began as minor comic-book characters before branching out into ubiquitous merchandising efforts and as NBC’s Emmy-winning Smurfs cartoon, which ran from 1981-90.

Davids Stem and Weiss, the family-friendly scribes behind Shreks 2 and 3, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and The Rugrats Movie, are in talks to write.

Sounds positively smurfsational!

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