The Office Season 4 Episode 11 – sweet.

The Office Season 4 Episode 11 – sweet.


I dont know why the Hulu embed code isnt working.   really freaking annoying. I was hoping to add Office Season onto my blog, but alas I cant.

I need to move this blog to another host! wordpress wont let me put the office Season 4 episode 11 embed code up…




The Office Season 4 Episode 11 – sweet.

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The Office Season 4 Episode 11 – sweet.

Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools – My far.

this is a post that is geared toward those music gear heads. you know who you are.

I have used Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Logic over the past year, and I must say none of them are perfect but all around – Logic is a far easier workflow for me, and thats what it all comes down to. Your workflow and what works for you. Keeping that in mind, I do have a few tips that took me countless hours to figure out, but are glaringly obvious.

In a nut shell :
Logic Pros – Tons of GREAT effects (Compressor, EQ, Delay, Reverb, and instruments)
Logic Cons – Editing Audio is not wonderful, and there actually are a few bugs that can cause you endless headaches. Ill probably put those together in a new list – specifically for the Logic bretheren.

Pro Tools – Awesome for multitrack audio recording. Sucks as a Songwriters tool. Its there to record what you have, but certainly not to give you any inspiration as what it comes with just barely cuts it. Keep in mind Im talking as a standalone do it yourself musician
Cons – Everything that is included is a lite version. Which should be more described as maimed. Both Ableton and Live give you far more per dollar, and the MBox 2 kinda sux as and audio interface, and sux even more since it has to be the worlds largest Dongle. I can however appreciate how long the product has been developed and seasoned. The bugs in Pro Tools dont seem to be quite as prevalent in a basic recording workflow as they are within logic with all of its overloads, and finicky preferences.

Ableton Live – Really cool toy. I suggest getting a Trigger finger. You can have more fun with it than using a Wii. I dont suggest it for recording audio. Its really clunky, though I have not tried Version 7 as of yet.

Im sticking with Logic for now – next up – Komplete and Kore review / feedback….

If anyone has questions – Im happy to anwer them., Ive put a lot of time into learning these products.

See my latest post on Logic 9 here

Listen to Logic in action Here!

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