Seedy hotels in San Fran. Yikes. good hiding spots for stuff in hotels?

19 03 2008

So don’t beleive everything you read about on the internet. I chose the bay bridge inn because it had 5 positive reviews, but as I write this theres a fight going on between a homeless man and his imaginary friend.  For those traveling to San Fran, I would suggest avoiding 5th and 6th street (@ folsom). Just make a mental note if it. Im sure it will come in handy at some point.  The good news is that I worked on 3 songs today with the super talented David Earle. That guy can play a keyboard drumset better than most drummers I know  playing actual drums. You might have to read that sentence a few times au revoir. golden gate park tomorrow. dion  By the way – I was watching TV in my seedy hotel room and it looks like obama has his goose cooked. some serious back pedaling is necessary.  I defintely left m passport int his hotel accidentally in my hiding spot. they found it and sent it back to me. guess im lucky my hisding spot sucked.  is there actually a good hiding spot in a hotel room? Im open to suggestions. 




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8 10 2008
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[…] Seedy hotels in San Fran. Yikes. […]

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