Lordy lordy lordy

Canada is looking better and better every day. At least for the next few years – I just got my health insurance premium increased 20% and the AMP3pr.com rent has skyrocketed 40%. All this during a meltdown of the US financial markets.  What gives? Can someone please explain to me who in this economy can have their expenses rise in this way, along with the ridiculous amount of inflation.
Something is terribly off, especially since I am actually writing about Finances. I will try not to do it ever again but honestly something is very wrong with how things are progressing these days, and I dont think its on its way to getting better anytime soon.<br< Funny Dog Pictures
see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!
Maple Syrup and rice in bulk looks like it may be in my near future.

written by dion / dionroy.com
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  1. its weird that this funny looking dog is by far the most popular posting on my site.

    Maybe I need to take more funny pictures, anyway – thanks for coming by anyway! 🙂

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