The best way to get attention for your Music? Sleep with Eliot Spitzer

13 03 2008

While others try myspace, facebook, even my own to get attention and press to their music, others try alternative methods.
Take for example Ashley “Dupre” (originally Youmans). (oh the many names of Ashley) Kristen was identified by the New York Times as Ashley Dupre, 22, of Manhattan. In 2006, she legally changed her name from Ashley Youmans to Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro. On March 10, Ashley Youmans appeared in federal court in New York, where her lawyer, Don Buchwald, said she was subpoenaed as a witness in a grand jury investigation, according to a recording of the proceeding.

Who ever thought that Ashley was a for-hire genius? Well I was for one was wrong. Her myspace page is blowing up, and everyone and their mother is asking about her music.

 Well – I have to ask, where do I sign up to be Client number 10? Or better yet can Clients 1-8 get in touch with me before their names hit the papers. Perhaps I can take your place.

 In the mean time Ill just bug UFOmusic and Noah Dinkin and see if they have anything up their sleeve. 




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15 06 2008


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