im back from LA and SF

it was fun. it was awesome. im working on some cool stuff. I got to hang out with tammy and Cassidy who live in the awesome part of haigh-ashbury. Highly suggest going to SF for golden gate park alone. Ill try to add some pictures soon. Have to drag them off my phone first. I have been giving some thought that  I think I might have to go through with the Eliot Spitzer thing to get things really going though. Im giving it heavy consideration.  thats it for now. back to the grind. 


Seedy hotels in San Fran. Yikes. good hiding spots for stuff in hotels?

So don’t beleive everything you read about on the internet. I chose the bay bridge inn because it had 5 positive reviews, but as I write this theres a fight going on between a homeless man and his imaginary friend.  For those traveling to San Fran, I would suggest avoiding 5th and 6th street (@ folsom). Just make a mental note if it. Im sure it will come in handy at some point.  The good news is that I worked on 3 songs today with the super talented David Earle. That guy can play a keyboard drumset better than most drummers I know  playing actual drums. You might have to read that sentence a few times au revoir. golden gate park tomorrow. dion  By the way – I was watching TV in my seedy hotel room and it looks like obama has his goose cooked. some serious back pedaling is necessary.  I defintely left m passport int his hotel accidentally in my hiding spot. they found it and sent it back to me. guess im lucky my hisding spot sucked.  is there actually a good hiding spot in a hotel room? Im open to suggestions. 

Lordy lordy lordy

Canada is looking better and better every day. At least for the next few years – I just got my health insurance premium increased 20% and the rent has skyrocketed 40%. All this during a meltdown of the US financial markets.  What gives? Can someone please explain to me who in this economy can have their expenses rise in this way, along with the ridiculous amount of inflation.
Something is terribly off, especially since I am actually writing about Finances. I will try not to do it ever again but honestly something is very wrong with how things are progressing these days, and I dont think its on its way to getting better anytime soon.<br< Funny Dog Pictures
see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!
Maple Syrup and rice in bulk looks like it may be in my near future.

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Im in San Fran and Los Angeles recording this week (and seeing a few friends)

Im gonna be recording this week in San Fran and LA (March 18th throught 24th). Ill probably update a couple times while Im gone but hopefully Ill have enough material for the EP and also be a logic guru in training after spending some time with the super rad  David Earle (SflogicNinja on youtube) He;s got some pretty freakin sweet stuff up there for the budding producers/writers in the world, I strongly suggest checking him out.  til next time sflogicninja david earle either way he doesnt care what you call himdion 

Hello Hulu

As much as I love Apple and my macbook pro. I have to say Im glad there are other products giving them a run for their money.  I all for a less restrictive DRM please. should prove to be a formidable foe for Itunes that should keep the flow of progress chuggin along!  Oh and is pretty awesome too. Those chinese really have a lock down on american television these days. 

Myspace? Do you have Facebook Envy?

It would seem as the minutes turn myspace is turning into a mega version of facebook. While this may not be such a bad thing, the inevtiable is happening, people are switching to  far stabler platforms for their friendstering.
Its time myspace and News Corp put some effort into the abyssmal Myspace interface. Now if only they could shut down those stupid “Bud-Joint and Stalker software” ads Id be really happy.
Now if Facebook could just learn a thing or two from myspace for musicians Id be really happy. 

The best way to get attention for your Music? Sleep with Eliot Spitzer

While others try myspace, facebook, even my own to get attention and press to their music, others try alternative methods.
Take for example Ashley “Dupre” (originally Youmans). (oh the many names of Ashley) Kristen was identified by the New York Times as Ashley Dupre, 22, of Manhattan. In 2006, she legally changed her name from Ashley Youmans to Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro. On March 10, Ashley Youmans appeared in federal court in New York, where her lawyer, Don Buchwald, said she was subpoenaed as a witness in a grand jury investigation, according to a recording of the proceeding.

Who ever thought that Ashley was a for-hire genius? Well I was for one was wrong. Her myspace page is blowing up, and everyone and their mother is asking about her music.

 Well – I have to ask, where do I sign up to be Client number 10? Or better yet can Clients 1-8 get in touch with me before their names hit the papers. Perhaps I can take your place.

 In the mean time Ill just bug UFOmusic and Noah Dinkin and see if they have anything up their sleeve. 

The worst shots ever.

Shot Glasses

If you’ve ever wanted to get back at someone, or just get your friend completely plastered for their 21st birthday, we’ve compiled a list of awful tasting shots that are sure to lay anyone out. We can take no responsibility for the after effect of these drinks. Just duck or move out the way, cause they’re sure to start something!

17) Nasty B*tch

Yes, she’s nasty, and so is this drink. Turn a 21st birthday into a really good time with this one.

  • 1½ oz. Tequila
  • ½ oz. Cointreau® Orange Liqueur


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