Viacom / MTV removes Britney Spears’ VMAs performance

Britney Spears performance at the MTV VMAs has been removed from MTV repeats and online.

According to the MTV website, the station was “forced” to remove the troubled singer’s Sunday night performance at the 2007 VMAs from repeat broadcasts and it has “been pulled indefinitely from all MTV properties worldwide until further notice.”

A search for this stellar performance cracked googles top 10 searches. The interesting fact is that Viacom has pulled it from Youtube completely. Could it have something to do with Viacom’s Billion dinero law suit against google for copyright infringement?

I know that Britney really doesn’t have anything to do with Music, but I think its important to know how the Viacom/Youtube situation is probably going to continue to trickle down to other artist as the Google/Viacom tiff expands.

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