Lower East Side Real estate tycoon says go folk yourself.

I’m warning everyone now, Im inserting useless “Did You Know” segments into my blog from now on. or at least for today.

Today Im writing about Jason Misrahi – Yes the Jason Misrahi of Misrahi Realty. While the Times recently covered the amazing achievements of the Papa Sion misrahi family’s real estate empire, what they didn’t cover is the human interest sorry about Son of Sion.

Jay frequently plays his rock-N-roll all over the L.E.S, and if the Jews and Latinas were the lower east sides icons of the 90’s, Jay signifies the token conflicted musician of 2004. (2005-2007 belongs to bloomberg, inoteca and the lame new gawdy hotels) Being a broker at Misrahi Realty, leaves him in quite a predicament; the tradition in his body will place you in an overpriced, “cozy” brick-view apartment above Motor City, but the soul in the guy needs the seedy venues of the L.E.S. to thrive.

Did you know? I used to live above Inoteca @ Rivington and and Ludlow, now bigger yuppies do.

smallapt.jpg jay-pic.jpg

Did you know ? – Jay made me pick up my guitar and finish some of the music you hear on this blog. Super!

Either he’s a sadist or he’s creating material for his E music special. Either way – I truly suggest you check out his music/myspace or at JasonMisrahi.com.

Did you know? When Jay gets all sauced up, he hits you with his cane. He won’t remember doing it, so he intentionally hits you hard enough to leave a reminder mark for the next morning. Ladies just because he won’t hit you with a cane, doesnt mean he won’t hit on you. I ❤ Jay. 

written by dion / dionroy.com
Music Available on Itunes


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