MARCUS GOLDHABER – Monday 8/27 – Mo’ Pitkins E.VIL NYC aka a Night of Jewish food and Jewish Jazz – without the guilt, sounds good to me

Marcus Goldhaber, will be performing his music at Mo’ Pitkins this Monday night. I feel its important to mention to those of you who reading this who may be NYPD officers, or the angry shop owners, it was absolutely defintely and probably not me who posted those flyers up and down the east village plugging Marcus’s show……. Misdemeanor kidding aside – Marcus’ renditions of various standards are truly amazing. He’s a really talented guy, and I can all but guarantee the 10 bux to be worth it. If you don’t like it, at least your in close proximity to lucky chengs.


MARCUS ‘FO: Born in Buffalo, Marcus was raised by the side of his family’s 1928 Ivers and Pond upright piano, on which his mother played thousands of standards. In September (06), Jazz Stylist – Marcus Goldhaber released his debut CD, “The Moment After” (Fallen Apple Records) to high acclaim. Since the release, Marcus has been receiving attention from the mainstream press, including a ‘3 out of 4 stars’ review by PEOPLE Magazine, which is a feat for any indie artist, let alone an indie jazz artist. The record represents straight-ahead jazz that comfortably mixes the old with the new, highlighting simple melodies and a classic quartet sound.
On Monday Night, August 27th @ 10:30PM – Marcus will take the stage at Mo Pitkins, along with the Jon Davis Trio. Marcus’s live performance brings old-world jazz back to the mainstream with his STORY-TELLING approach and his infinite knowledge of where jazz was born. Marcus is excited to debut BRAND NEW original material at Mo’ Pitkins show which he is set to record this summer.”

Billy Idol says : MO MO MO pitkins!

Billy Idol says MO MO MO! (pitkins)Ladies - This guy is going.



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