Totes Amaze – back by popular demand aka Erica.

This song, or more accurately described – drunken recording was recorded by myself and meatwad from aqua teen hunger force. (ok so it wasnt meatwad, it was Daniel Mackey – our super awesome designer for AMP3 Public Relations)

For those of you who don’t know Erica Taylor , she is dysfunctionaly obsessed with Abbreviations and aqua teen hunger force. She was having a bad day – and so Daniel and I put in the 2 minutes and 31 seconds that Erica deserved (in erica standard time EST thats like 3 hours) into writing this masterpiece in garage band It wasn’t supposed to go this far. This song is ridiculous. 


(c) Cartoon Network (c) enrique inglesias muchacho burrito

TOTES AMAZE - Dion on Guits/Vox & Daniel Mackey on Bass and the meatwad.


4 thoughts on “Totes Amaze – back by popular demand aka Erica.

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  1. I prefer REdic,

    Just look it up at websters online – Definition : “Redic” to be ridiculous again

    Good thing no one actually reads the dictionary since perez eent live.

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