It wasn’t a bear.

I dont have alanis morisette cd’s or spiderman comics. It must have been a case of stolen internet identity fraud phishing.

It turned out to be a group of drunken Pennsylvania folk crashing their pickup truck down the road. I dont think i needed to specifiy pickup truck.

I gotta stop blaming the bears for all of my problems.

did you know? yogi bear isnt a real bear. he’s a thief.


I hope thats not a bear.

I’m camping in hershey PA right now, and surprisingly this campsite has internet.

I just heard a loud thump in the woods and I hope its not a bear, but if it is and he eats me, I just wanted to make sure you all knew not to touch my stuff. seriously. especially my alanis morisette cd collection and spiderman comic books.

crap now you all know.


did you know? : bear attacks hurt.

Lower East Side Real estate tycoon says go folk yourself.

I’m warning everyone now, Im inserting useless “Did You Know” segments into my blog from now on. or at least for today.

Today Im writing about Jason Misrahi – Yes the Jason Misrahi of Misrahi Realty. While the Times recently covered the amazing achievements of the Papa Sion misrahi family’s real estate empire, what they didn’t cover is the human interest sorry about Son of Sion.

Jay frequently plays his rock-N-roll all over the L.E.S, and if the Jews and Latinas were the lower east sides icons of the 90’s, Jay signifies the token conflicted musician of 2004. (2005-2007 belongs to bloomberg, inoteca and the lame new gawdy hotels) Being a broker at Misrahi Realty, leaves him in quite a predicament; the tradition in his body will place you in an overpriced, “cozy” brick-view apartment above Motor City, but the soul in the guy needs the seedy venues of the L.E.S. to thrive.

Did you know? I used to live above Inoteca @ Rivington and and Ludlow, now bigger yuppies do.

smallapt.jpg jay-pic.jpg

Did you know ? – Jay made me pick up my guitar and finish some of the music you hear on this blog. Super!

Either he’s a sadist or he’s creating material for his E music special. Either way – I truly suggest you check out his music/myspace or at

Did you know? When Jay gets all sauced up, he hits you with his cane. He won’t remember doing it, so he intentionally hits you hard enough to leave a reminder mark for the next morning. Ladies just because he won’t hit you with a cane, doesnt mean he won’t hit on you. I ❤ Jay. 

written by dion /
Music Available on Itunes

MARCUS GOLDHABER – Monday 8/27 – Mo’ Pitkins E.VIL NYC aka a Night of Jewish food and Jewish Jazz – without the guilt, sounds good to me

Marcus Goldhaber, will be performing his music at Mo’ Pitkins this Monday night. I feel its important to mention to those of you who reading this who may be NYPD officers, or the angry shop owners, it was absolutely defintely and probably not me who posted those flyers up and down the east village plugging Marcus’s show……. Misdemeanor kidding aside – Marcus’ renditions of various standards are truly amazing. He’s a really talented guy, and I can all but guarantee the 10 bux to be worth it. If you don’t like it, at least your in close proximity to lucky chengs.


MARCUS ‘FO: Born in Buffalo, Marcus was raised by the side of his family’s 1928 Ivers and Pond upright piano, on which his mother played thousands of standards. In September (06), Jazz Stylist – Marcus Goldhaber released his debut CD, “The Moment After” (Fallen Apple Records) to high acclaim. Since the release, Marcus has been receiving attention from the mainstream press, including a ‘3 out of 4 stars’ review by PEOPLE Magazine, which is a feat for any indie artist, let alone an indie jazz artist. The record represents straight-ahead jazz that comfortably mixes the old with the new, highlighting simple melodies and a classic quartet sound.
On Monday Night, August 27th @ 10:30PM – Marcus will take the stage at Mo Pitkins, along with the Jon Davis Trio. Marcus’s live performance brings old-world jazz back to the mainstream with his STORY-TELLING approach and his infinite knowledge of where jazz was born. Marcus is excited to debut BRAND NEW original material at Mo’ Pitkins show which he is set to record this summer.”

Billy Idol says : MO MO MO pitkins!

Billy Idol says MO MO MO! (pitkins)Ladies - This guy is going.


unseen apathy – a musikal acoustical song about numb & dumb people

Heres a song I wrote about peoples unbeleivable ability to ignore everything around them, while the world pretty much collapses on itself , im sure all of you know people who just coudn’t care less, do nothing, are are ignorant to the situation. Some of you might even be lucky enough to know someone who is all 3 of those things.

Unseen Apathy in progress (like all of my songs) MUSIC

Totes Amaze – back by popular demand aka Erica.

This song, or more accurately described – drunken recording was recorded by myself and meatwad from aqua teen hunger force. (ok so it wasnt meatwad, it was Daniel Mackey – our super awesome designer for AMP3 Public Relations)

For those of you who don’t know Erica Taylor , she is dysfunctionaly obsessed with Abbreviations and aqua teen hunger force. She was having a bad day – and so Daniel and I put in the 2 minutes and 31 seconds that Erica deserved (in erica standard time EST thats like 3 hours) into writing this masterpiece in garage band It wasn’t supposed to go this far. This song is ridiculous. 


(c) Cartoon Network (c) enrique inglesias muchacho burrito

TOTES AMAZE - Dion on Guits/Vox & Daniel Mackey on Bass and the meatwad.

Ben Scott and I are Bartending Halloween @ Epsteins Bar again! Oct 31!

The Lower East Side Bar scene is about to drop another notch –

For those of you who remember last years ridiculous series of events on Halloween — well its happening again and Ben Scott is going to be flying out for just the occasion. Im working with the club to get all of my friends – (im taking applications for new friends too)

Put it in your calendar! Gotta love those pagan holidays!

All the Contact info is at the site ,

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The worst movie ever – “Captivity” 2007 with Elisha Cuthbert

The absolute worst movie ever. seriously. I didnt think that Elisha could be in a worse role than as Kim in 24, but alas, its been done. Think of Saw meets “really bad” and then think worse.

Please, can I have 2 hours of my life back. That movie really should have had a sucks-a-lot warning.

10m1.jpg picture-1.png

Look at the stylish large robe. It was on sale at marshalls I bet. Lucky dog.

I won’t deny – this is an original

apparently I wont deny a few things as documented by this super high budget movie……

send me some requests – especially those of you involved with 4th st and ave B!!

Heres a couple songs in progress – we’ll see how much time I have to spend on pro tools and ableton, Ill have to get some time off from hayley amp3 and my season 6 of 24 addiction!

Goes 2 MP3:

Wants It  MP3:

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